Donna and Joe have finished their assignment in India. Occasionally they still travel somewhere.

Monday, August 20, 2007

This is Donna having lunch at the hotel. We have BBQ. Lamb chops, skewers of "indian chicken". These were a bit spicy, but the salads were fantastic.

From Donna:
I look about like I felt. A bit stressed, after exploring the town without a rental car or driver, who we never connected with at the airport, though there were 2 different people from the hotel with signs for us. We started exploring by trying to take a walk around the block. Turns out: 1. There are no real blocks. and 2. The minute you hit the "sidewalk" you are followed by people who want to drive you somewhere in their motorized rickshaws.

We firmly said no to one, to be replaced by another who walked along with us, visiting, offering to show us good shopping, putting his body between us and traffic to help us safely cross the street.

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Kyria said...

Good for people to know.