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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday--Looking at flats

"And the parking is near the lift (elevator) so if your bringing in groceries it not a long carry--of course you'll have staff to doing that." OK, we're definitely not in Vermont anymore. There are five of us making this trek around Bangalore...Donna & I, Ranjini our consultant from Writers Relocation, John a local real estate agent and a driver who was never introduced. John sits in the third seat of the van which means he someone needs to release the seat I'm sitting in and fold it forward after I get out so he can get out. I can do this but both the driver and Ranjini rush to do it, Ranjini says "I'll do that sir" before I can complete the task.

Donna is now taking antibiotics and feeling fine. This is her by the best of the flats (apartments) we saw yesterday. I have a bunch of pictures of bathrooms and kitchens and bedrooms, etc. but this one tells me what I need to know...this is the place that make Donna feel good about coming to India. After considerable discussion about what a well behaved dog Luna is and what conscientious dog owners we were and the fact that this was a two year company lease they agreed we could have a dog in this place.

Every place we looked at had large rooms and marble floors, although a couple had wood floors in the bedrooms. Only one had a full sized oven in the kitchen, which the Realtor told us "many ex-pats are wanting now". All had a gas cook top and a microwave and some a counter top toaster oven.

We had asked for three bedrooms so every place they showed us had three bedrooms and almost every bedroom had a bathroom. Most apartments also had a powder room (half bath). Bathtubs were fairly rare but most shower areas were quite large.

The first place they showed us was a ground floor unit with a fenced private garden (yard) which would be nice for Luna. After seeing a couple more that would accommodate a dog we only looked at places that would allow dogs although we are not quite decided yet that we will bring Luna to India.

Today they will show us some villas (free standing homes or townhouses) in gated communities. Hopefully they will offer a nice place to exercise the dog. And some space where Donna can grow some flowers. By tonight we should be able to post some pictures of the place we will live in India.

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