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Saturday, September 29, 2007

That house was too big anyway.

The landlord of the house we wanted required all sorts of clauses and guaranteed length of stay that are not in the standard IBM lease. After much negotiations, he ended up renting the house to someone who offered a LOT more money per month than he was asking and was ready to move in now.

It was all very stressful, but I had misgivings about the ethics of living in such a large and fancy house for only 2 people. I had given the house to God to decide if someone else with more need should get it. At dinner Thurs night I told Joe that I had come to peace with the idea that we weren't going to get the house, and might not be able to take Luna. (Significant progress-all the day before I wanted to bite someone. Good thing Luna is better behaved! )

That night we found out we'd lost the house, but there was hope. The good news is that there is a serviced apartment (like a residence inn) in Bangalore much nearer to Joe's work than the others on IBM's approved list that ALLOWS DOGS! The next day we found out that if we can find no other house that is safe for Luna and where she can get the exercise necessary for her happiness, they have 2 bedroom flats that can be rented long term, so we could live there our whole stay, if necessary. There is more grass to play on and well behaved dogs can play off leash together. Since things were dragging on so long with the other house that we would have had to stay in a serviced apartment several weeks anyway, we were delighted that we now had a place (already approved! Thanks to Reena, Pamela and Kalyan all of whom were eager to help us.) so we didn't have to leave Luna behind. Donna is a much happier camper.

Now we are busily moving all our remaining household items to the unpartment in our basement. Shelly starts moving in today. For some reason she decided that 2 days ago was a good time to buy an 8 week old puppy-an unusual and adorable tri-color springer spaniel named Harley. Complicates things, but Luna is beside herself with happiness.


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