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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A parade

This is the portable sound system for a procession which started at the front steps of St. Xavier's Catholic church, out on to the main street, and ended up at an alter setup on the street behind the church. I'm not sure what the procession, which happened on a Sunday afternoon was all about since it was conducted in a language which was neither English nor Hindi. The system had plenty of volume and about the sound quality that one might expect from a sound systems pushed along on a bicycle.

There were probably a couple hundred people walking and the float in this picture. I think there is a person sitting under the canopy but I couldn't see for sure. The float is being propelled by the people pushing it along.

In the final picture you can see the the man whose job was to hold up low hanging branches of the trees so the canopy could pass under them (See arrow in the middle of the picture). The other two men marked with arrows are holding the electrical cord which connects the float to an SUV following along behind. The only thing I could see powered by this cord was the lights on the edges of the float.

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