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Monday, July 14, 2008

Car Wash...or COW wash?

The sight of a cow standing in front of the car wash was way too funny a coincidence to let it go by. A man was washing the car on the lift with a hose, and the cow looked like it was waiting it's turn. I had to stop to take a picture. As I walked up a man outside the car wash came closer and we started to talk. I realized that, indeed, the cow was very dirty, and the man indicated that he WAS waiting in line to wash it down!

What you can't see is the bull off to the left of the car wash scene. He came to see what I was up to, and apparently decided he didn't like me that near his woman! He started shoving me with one of his horns, and after several shoves I decided not to wait to see if he'd resort to using the end of his horn to get his "point" across!

Because writing blogs takes such a long time, I have finally had Joe tell me the process of transferring pictures to the blog, step by step, so that I can try to write mini-blogs--the picture of the day! Hopefully, something will appear much more often and it'll be more fun. Donna

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