Donna and Joe have finished their assignment in India. Occasionally they still travel somewhere.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This gate is the
entrance to a private house only about three blocks from our apartment. Donna says the picture she took of it a few months ago is better than mine but it is lost somewhere on the hard drive so I had to take another.
The rest of these gates are within a short bike ride of our house.

After taking a lot of pictures of gates I realized that many gates have a guard who stands or sits by them all day long. So here are a couple of guards standing by their gates.

This last gate is considerable further away, at a beach resort near Pondy Cherry on the Indian Ocean. It is the gate that leads to the beach.


becca said...

I love this post. The gates are really cool- they reflect their owners, or at least what their owners want to project to the neighbors. It reminds me also of El Salvador- everyone in the pueblos had gates in front of their property, or at least a beautiful wrought iron door to their house. Take some more pictures of the buildings!

Karen said...

Another interesting post, JOe. I love all the cool things you share about your life there. The gates are really cool. I feel for those poor guards though. Must be a loooong day.

Katie Robinson said...

Hello Joe and Donna, I happened across your blog when I googled Indranagar Methodist Church. It is really interesting to read your reflections. I enjoyed many "that's so true" laughs. I admire your dedication to your blog. I have gone over a month now without posting. I should get back on track now that I'm done traveling for a while. See y'all tomorrow!
Take care,
Katie (the other American at RTMC)