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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grocery Shopping

It's Saturday and I did a little grocery shopping. This cat walked passed me several times before it occurred to me that in Vermont that would be an unusual sighting. So I took his picture. This is Thom's Bakery which is one of our favorite shops because they bake very good whole wheat bread. Maybe the cat is "Thom".

The second picture is of eggs on their way to some market. I took this picture by holding my cell phone out the car window and up over the roof of the car. Most of the frame was actually of the roof of car. The truck is really level and the camera was tipped. I'm not sure what is under the bottom layer of eggs, but the eggs seemed to be stacked from one side of the truck to the other without any boxes to contain them. Just the corrugated dividers to keep the eggs from rolling around. You also see eggs for sale like this. One divider on the bottom and then several layers of eggs separated by more dividers. The stacks are actually amazingly secure. When you buy them, they put them all loose in a plastic bag, which is not amazingly secure. Sometimes some cleanup is needed when you get home, especially if you carry them home on a bike!

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