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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mango time

Now is the wonderful mango season. We are not the only creatures that love these heavenly fruits. But just as in the U.S. we fight squirrels and raccoons to get the cobs of corn just as they ripen, but they pick them the night before, we also compete with the squirrels here (tree-living chipmunks with 3 light stripes instead of 2, who sound like squeaky tricycle wheels) and the ring-necked parrots. (Technically parakeets.) But they seldom wait for them to turn yellow, just like the critters back home.

The ledge you see in these pictures is the edge of the balcony railing outside our living room. Now that the air conditioner has been moved off the balcony, maybe I can get me some of those mangoes! (I wonder if I threw some pidgeon netting over a branch or two--) But then, I would much rather attract the parrots!

I think the grounds crew hate this time of year, as the sidewalk under the tree is constantly scattered with bits of partially eaten mangoes.

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