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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another terrace for Luna

This is the rooftop terrace that picked the apartment for our new home in Bangalore. We had seen the apartment on our first trip here, but it was mostly covered with drop clothes & being painted. We rejected it because it's own terrace was too small. This time the landlord said we could have the terrace of the adjoining apartment (which he also owns) as well! So this picture is only about half of the larger terrace, and I paced it off as something like 25 yards long. The wall you see on the right is one side of a big atrium that provides window light to apartments on the 4 floors below. We also have almost as much space on the other side of the atrium, and he said he would put up some netting when he lifts the cable wires overhead, to keep Frisbees out of the atrium! He is so willing to meet any desire we might have, that he was thinking up ideas we would never have even dreamed of: A satellite dish t.v. receiver, granite tiles to top the side walls, etc. He even suggested he could sod and plant a garden on the rooftop, like his neighbor's. We would just have to cover the gardener's pay. So we're thinking about that. Since Luna has to be on a leash on the grounds, the terrace is what will allow her enough exercise to be happy in India. And that will make Donna MUCH happier.

The kitchen is very nice. It has a toaster oven, which is the most oven you get in most Indian homes, so cookie baking will be very slow, but it has both a washer & dryer, which is very unusual.

This is a view from our master bedroom balcony. They said this complex got the award for the best landscaped grounds in Bangalore. The grass is unlike anything we've seen in the U.S.. It's really more like moss, and every time I see it I reach down & tug on it because I can't believe it doesn't pull right out, like moss. The landlord said it would hold up to dog traffic on the roof though.

The house is fully furnished, mostly with built-ins, done by one of his employees, who he said could build us anything we want. To the right of the sofa is a built in desk and then a dining area with a tabletop that looks like tiger eye--probably some type of marble, that will seat 6. Though the actual main seating area isn't that large, with the dining area, the breakfast bar, and some side seats on the wall by the kitchen/breakfast bar, there would be a lot of conversation/seating areas if we wanted to have people over.

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