Donna and Joe have finished their assignment in India. Occasionally they still travel somewhere.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


No I'm not educated enough yet to explain the sport of cricket. Just an observation. Yesterday Donna and shopped for a digital camera (ours somehow missed the flight connection in Boston). Every store we visited had a crowd of people...not in the store but outside looking in the window. The reason was that stores that sell digital camera also sell TVs. Yesterday was an important game in a 6 game series between India and Australia. India was down 2 games to none and needed a win to have any hope of winning the series. So the people outside were watching the match which went on all day. It was a 50 overs match and the TV kept talking about the Indian team having twenty-20 hang over from playing 20 over matches in their last series. An over is 6 bowls (pitches). India won the match 291-273.

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