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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poptop Cans

Do you remember when soda cans in the US had pop-tops like this that detached when you opened the can? Maybe not since two thirds of Internet users were born after these cans were banned in the US. On the other hand some of my readers are in India and may not realize that you cannot buy a can like this in America or Europe.

The problem with a pop-top that actually detaches from the can is what to do with it after opening the can? Obvious solution...drop it through the opening into the can. I don't know if anyone ever actually died from drinking one but I do remember seeing an X-ray picture of one in someone's throat-; probably from an ad campaign to have them banned.

I bought this can of soda at a local food shop here in Bangalore and I didn't notice what kind of top it had until I got it home, so I'm not sure if all India soda cans are like that or if this one is an anomaly. Anyway I did manage to drink the soda without swallowing the pop-top.

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