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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Warranty Service

Shortly after moving to Bangalore we bought a cordless phone from a local department store. Lately the battery has not held a charge long enough to complete more than a short conversation. Since it charges until the battery indicator says full when placed in the cradle I concluded it needed a new battery. I took the battery out of the phone, took the owner's manual along with me so I would know (and could show someone) what model I had and went back to the store where we bought it.
I told the man at the electronics counter that I needed a new battery and showed him my battery and the phone manual.
"Oh, you need service. Call this number."
He wrote 3 phone numbers on the back page of my manual.
I said "And they can send me a new battery?"
"No you have to go get it. By Lalbagh Gardens. Just call this number."
I tried to ask him who (meaning what business) the numbers were for but he either didn't know or didn't understand the question..."Just call this number."
I called the first number and talked to someone who said to come down, although he could not verify that he had phone batteries or serviced that brand of phone. I gave the phone to Joseph who got directions. We were supposed to either park on the main street and walk down 5th cross or drive down 6th cross and come around.
The main street was lined with shops selling parts for auto's and lorries all of which looked pretty much like these pictures. There was no parking and barely room to drive the car down the street. We drove down 6th cross and back up 5th. At one point we met a lorry coming the other way. Since we had already passed the only part of the street wide enough for two vehicles to pass we backed up. He pulled up next to us. Then we went far enough forward for him to maneuver into the narrow opening behind us. We could then back up and advance into the opening he had come out from.
Looking around we didn't see anything that looked like a phone service business so we called the number again and asked for directions. He told us to look for a building with particular name on it and they were the second building to the right. He didn't tell us to look for the "Compac Telesystems" sign presumable because he knew we would not be able to spot that sign up on a first floor balcony. (1st floor is the one above ground floor in India.)
His instructions lead us to this building where the sign on the railing says "Compac Telesystems". Going inside most of the space seemed to be storage space but to the right was an office like room. Three young women were seating at a table facing away from the door, repairing telephones. A middle aged man was standing behind the desk and asked me what I wanted. I showed him my battery and my manual and explained why I thought I needed a new battery. He had one of the women measure the battery voltage and said it was good. I explained that the battery worked but would only hold enough charge a few minute phone call. So he agreed to give me a new battery and said it would be covered by the warranty. Then he called someone from the back room and asked them to go make copy of the warranty page of my manual. I'm not sure where he had to go to make a photo copy but he left the building and returned about 10 minutes later with the manual and a copy. After signing the copy I left with a new battery which did seem to fix my problem.

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