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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Right of Way

In India a cow always has the right of way. So that brings my list of traffic rules that are consistently obeyed in Bangalore to four.

Rule #4: The cow has the right of way.

This is a busy intersection in the downtown shopping area of Bangalore. We are waiting for the light to change, but the cow is simply making its way from here to there at a leisurely pace. Traffic on the cross street, which had the green light, flowed around the calf as she crossed that street. It then made its way up the street moving between the cars without a care in the world.


Suzy R said...

Hello from a traveller in Bangalore. My name is Suzy and my husband is here on business so I tagged along for the measly price of flying coach (2coach tickets instead of 1 business class!) :)
I've so enjoyed reading your blog this morning. You might imagine that I found it when, at 5AM, I rose from bed still a bit sleep confused to google what the music/chanting/singing was about. Your comments may alleviate me having to write a blog fo my own family to read (I'm going to have them read yours). I'm going to ask a bold question: Donna, would you be willing to e-mail, phone, or possibly even meet with me? I left 3 small children at home for the 2 week visit and didn't have a lot of time to prepare my tourist plans. I did buy a guide book but I'd like to know more. I've been so warned about the food and water that yesterday I dined solely on protein bars because I wasn't sure where to eat. Some coworkers of my husband recently left after a 6 month stay here so I got bits of information from them but it's still unnerving. I've been cautioned on what not to wear, where not to walk, never to wander the streets alone, what not to eat...good advice or overly cautious? I'd be pleased with any information you could give me. I have to tell you that a smile crossed my face just to know there were other Americans here...don't get me wrong, I'm eagerly experincing the culture shock but having a bit more direction may make the trip more rewarding.

Eagerly awaiting your response,


PS I saw one of those tiny yellow 3 wheeled taxis yesterday with 9 people in it...missed capturing it for the flash on the inside of the car window

Donna said...

Don't walk the streets alone? Oops! I didn't know that!
Your friends are a little overcautious. I have felt fine during the day, with a few sensible precautions. I'd be happy to show you the ropes. And where to get a good map! Donna