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Friday, August 1, 2008

Waiting for the Train

These two and three wheelers are waiting for a train to pass so they can cross the track. The actual road here is the lighter colored pavement and the darker ground on either side is the unpaved shoulders. In some ideal world this is a two lane road with one lane in each direction. Notice that both lanes are completely filled by vehicles coming toward the camera. This is accordance with the third rule of Bangalore traffic (Always move forward if possible.) which I described in my post "Stupid Traffic" back in May. This rule is obeyed even if it means driving on the wrong side of the road, on the side walk, or folding back the mirror of car next to you so you can fit into the narrow space available.
This shot is of the traffic waiting on my side of the tracks. They are also filling the road from side to side. When the train finally passes and the gates are raised drivers on both sides will again follow the 3rd rule and advance into the railroad crossing. Of course no-one will advance very far very quickly because the first law of Bangalore traffic is "Don't run into anyone". Gradually the two walls of traffic will diffuse through one another and everyone will get where they are going.

I snapped this picture latter the same day of an unpaved road in northern Bangalore. This is monsoon season and although it had not rained that day it did rain hard the night before. Slightly off the beaten path there are many streets like this in Bangalore and many more in less prosperous parts of India.

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