Donna and Joe have finished their assignment in India. Occasionally they still travel somewhere.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Narita, Japan

Donna and I spent a few days in Japan vacationing before I had some business meetings there. After she flew back to India I checked into the Narita Hilton near the Narita International Airport which serves Tokyo. Later that afternoon I took a little walk. The airport is surrounded by big hotels and a few other businesses but the actual town of Narita is a few miles away. After walking a little ways along a 6 lane highway I came to a spot where another large highway passed over the first and below it was a small blacktop road going off into the fields. I took that path and came to this a bamboo forest where I saw dozens of these yellow spiders. Many with webs spanning the street.
Coming out of the forest into this open area I found this small cemetery. The rest of the clearing was rice paddies. These three pictures show rice farming. The first is rice in the field ready to be harvested. In the next picture the rice has been harvested and the straw left over is standing up in little piles. I assume someone must come and collect it because it is gone in the field in the last picture where a farmer is burning the rice stubble left after the rice has been harvested.

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