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Sunday, September 28, 2008

There are so many funny signs in Bangalore that the Times of India, our daily newspaper runs an ongoing contest, publishing the funniest one of the week each Sunday. This is the winning entry from last week. The writing on the top of the sign is in Kannada and says the same thing as the english text. This sign goes well with a story told by one of my Indian colleagues. When he first went to the U.S. to go to grad. school he was walking and about to cross a street. One car was coming and it stopped to let him cross. It never occurred to him that the car would be waiting for him because that would never happen in India, so he waited for the car to pass. After a while, since the car wasn't moving, he decided to go up and ask the woman driving it for directions. She was obviously frightened of him but she gave him directions and they each went on their way.

The next two our from our neighborhood where they are side by side on the wall in front of a large, nice house. I'm sure there is a fascinating untold story of why Mr. Umar A. Sattar Vahedna needed a court order to live in the house owned by 4 of his relatives.

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