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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bangalore--Garden City

Twenty years ago before Bangalore was known as the IT city it was known as the Garden City. At that time its major employer was the Indian military, and it was also home to many retired people because of its excellent climate. Although it is now a faster paced town that has trouble providing services to its rapidly growing population, it is still home many neighborhood parks. This post has pictures from three near our house. This one is on 80 ft Rd in RT Nagar. Behind the blue bench is bus stop on the busy street, so you can't really say the park is quiet. But it is clean and the lawn and plants are well tended. A nice contrast to the streets. The photo below shows the street just outside the park.
I can't say exactly where this next park is because I was not where I thought I was when I came across it. (That's not quite the same as being lost, because I did know how to get back to somewhere I knew.) Each of these parks had some kind of fountain, but none were working. Probably because that's not a very good use of electricity when you don't have enough keep everyone's power on all day.

The last park is the biggest and is just off Nandidurga road, quite close to our apartment. It has a small playground where it Muslim women in a black burka is pushing her children on the swings. It also features a menagerie of animal statues, including this one of a mother leopard playing with her children.

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