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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Traffic Rule #3--Always Advance

I took these two pictures a minute or so apart on my way to work. In the first picture the sand truck and the auto rickshaw are simultaneously trying to navigate a tight corner in opposite directions. It is obvious from where I took the picture (sitting on my bicycle) that someone has to backup. However that does not stop the motorcycle coming toward me from squeezing between the truck and the white van as the truck is trying to back up.

And in the second picture it does not stop another motorcycle, now nose to nose with the auto from inserting himself into the congestion. They can't help themselves, they are impelled the third law of Bangalore traffic; always move forward if possible. Eventually the truck and the auto each backed up a bit, the motorcycle slipped between them, then the auto went around the truck on the other side. This allowed him to then proceed down the street toward me, using the sidewalk on the wrong side of the road. The truck was then able to make the turn and traffic proceed as normal.

As I have discussed before the laws of Bangalore traffic are
0th Law: The cow has the right of way.
1st Law: Don't hit anyone.
2nd Law: Don't put your vehicle were the laws of physics make a collision inevitable.
3rd Law: Always Advance.

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