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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plane Tickets

I bought plane tickets online for a trip to see Ellora caves and attend the wedding of one of the IBM compact modelers. I thought pricing of tickets was worth a brief blog post. The screen shots below show two options for traveling from Indore to Bangalore via Mumbai. The first one offers a fare of 51 rupees (about $1) +tax per person. Even after you add the tax I would expect that to be cheaper than 2024 rupees +tax /person. However, when you click on the "Fare Summary" pop-up you see that the 51 rupee fare is 9500 rupees total for 2 people, while the 2024 fare is only 9466 rupees for two. (9500 rupees is about 200 dollars) I know that these prices typically include both a fuel surcharge, collected by the airline, and tax collected by the government. I have no idea how these amounts are calculated.

These screen captures are much clearer if you click on them to see the version with less compression applied.

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