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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cows and Dogs Need to Eat

Yesterday I fed some very hungry looking cows here. They were eating trash on the side of the road. First I went to the nearby family "supermarket" and got curbside service, cause Luna was with me. The store owners are Muslim, but we've come to an unspoken agreement that I will keep Luna off the front "porch" of the store, and their staff members will take my money and bring items to me. (I always tip!)

Going back to the cows, I took turns feeding them both the local Indian mini-bananas. (The local dairy keepers assure me they are cows' favorite treat.) When I was out of bananas, I started opening the carrot bag. I'd just extricated one carrot when the nearest cow grabbed the bag and ate the 3 carrots in it, bag and all!!! Fortunately, bananas are used here to help lubricate the passing of bad things through digestive systems! This was not exactly the nutritious treat I had in mind!

The other cow got the remaining carrot. She saw I still had the outer bag in hand, and thought I was holding out on her. She started shoving me around. Like a middle school bully! I finally had to fend her off with my big bamboo walking stick! This must be why when they call cows, they say, "Here Bossy, Bossy, Bossy!"

When Luna and I escaped the situation, I noticed a man down the block looking on and grinning. I take my job of providing families with interesting dinner conversation very seriously!

And I must maintain my image as "that crazy American". As my favorite quote says, "When people think you're crazy, it gives you a lot of latitude for behavior!"......"Oh that crazy_______! You never know what they're going to do.........."

I'd been pondering why if Indians worship cows, or at least consider them holy, why don't they ever give offerings to the COWS, instead of just at temples? Maybe this is why. Or just the result. These cows are pretty desperate. My housekeeper takes our vegetable peelings to leave for the cows every day.

And the local dogs are quite happy if Luna doesn't eat her homemade diet of chicken, moong dal (lentils), carrot, pumpkin, and vitamins! I tried telling her that there are starving dogs in Pakistan that would love the food she gets. A friend reminded me that since Pakistan is mostly Muslim, maybe not so many dogs! So I tell her there are hungry dogs in India who would love her food, and proceed to give it to them!

Here's a picture of my friend, Dhana, feeding 2 local street dogs, whom I call Boots and Dottie. The next picture is of another real love, Brownie.

The last picture is one I wish I saw more of--Luna eating. Luna has been having toenail bud infections, and she doesn't eat much if something hurts, or if the medicines upset her stomach, ......or if she had some really tasty treats the day before, and is waiting and hoping they'll eventually show up today.....or if she hears even ONE firecracker.... or if I'm not at home.....or if someone comes in or something happens to interrupt her while she's eating.....She's starting to make some of the street dogs look fat! It's like trying to get a toddler to eat! She's always stayed around her perfect weight, like in this picture, so she doesn't have extra to lose. Too bad we can't change positions!

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